High-Volume Recruiting Tactics

Finding the right person for a role is not easy in an employer-driven market and much more challenging in the tight candidate-driven labor market we are currently experiencing. What happens when you need to fill hundreds or thousands of positions in a short period of time? High-volume recruitment—or mass hiring—is utilized when an organization must recruit a large number of candidates to fill a higher-than-average number of positions in a short period due to increased demand and/or high employee turnover.

  • Seasonal hiring: Examples of seasonal hiring can be found in retail—where organizations ramp up their hiring ahead of the holiday season—and in the financial services industry during tax season.
  • Sudden expansion: When a start-up company completes an investment round and receives an injection of capital it gains the ability to hire several workers in a short period. When an established organization opens a new branch office, a large number of workers are needed quickly.
  • Rapid growth: Amazon onboarded about 2,800 employees a day because of the online shopping surge caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.